My name is Aisha, I work as a Careers Advisor for Inspira in Preston.

I have worked for Inspira since 2019 via a TUPE transfer. Previous to this I worked for Career Connect for over seven years and prior to that I worked for Connexions Lancashire as an Advisor level, and held project management roles with HM Prison services across Lancashire.

I am a community worker through and through. I enjoy meeting people and like to know that I have been able to help. I feel absolutely humbled to know that I can do something to make a difference to someone. It’s like my way of giving back, investing in cultural and social harmony.

My inspirational story

In my spare time, I work as team leader on community projects with multifaith groups and on personal projects too.  My recent one is the date project – selling medjool dates to help provide food, water and education and to help orphans in five countries, Yemen, Syria, Rohingya, Palestine and Turkey.

Words to live by

Learn it, live it, love it!