Anna Johnson

Hi my name is Anna and I'm a Skills and Development Adviser based in North Cumbria. I've worked for Inspira for nearly three years now offering careers information, advice and guidance to adults and young people.

I find my job really fufilling, enjoyable and rewarding. I work on a few different contracts for Inspira - one of which means I'm responsible for supporting young people from two different schools in Carlisle with their career choices and progression. Seeing people progress or achieve as a result of the advice I have given them is just the best feeling.

My inspirational story

I once worked for an NGO in Pune, India developing a women’s empowerment programme. During this time, I met women from various slums in the city, who were given the opportunity to learn how to read and write. The women took part in various workshops aimed at empowering them, and providing them with skills that would ensure they could earn a steady income without being dependent on a man to support them.

Words to live by

Someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality.

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