Careers advice after being furloughed

Careers advice after being furloughed

Here at Inspira one of the many tasks we are currently dealing with is working to deliver careers advice to adults who are currently furloughed, looking to secure employment, make a career change or look to progress in their current role.

Delia, one of our career advisers, first had a careers appointment with Scott when he was studying for an Apprenticeship in Business Administration Level 3, but due to lockdown procedures, he had had his hours reduced. This had given him time to reflect and he felt he was having a “bit of a career crisis” and not sure what to do with himself as he felt he was no longer enjoying his current role, but ideally wanted to stay with his current employer.

Delia supported Scott to identify areas of his current and previous roles that he did enjoy which included - helping and listening to other people, using practical people skills and enjoying getting things done to lead other people, Scott felt he was good at taking control of situations, and is also sociable and finds it easy to understand people. We explored career sectors, including Education and Training and as Scott enjoys and would prefer to stay within his current sector we also explored HR profiles – we explained that this could involve training/coaching which Scott said he enjoyed while also meeting his skill set. This was an area that he had not considered but would explore further and long term potentially be able to discuss with his employer.

Delia kept in regular contact with Scott via email throughout, suggesting various sectors and courses that he could explore and he went on to start studying towards Preparing to Teach through Manchester University. Although now back at work, Scott is continuing to progress with his training and has got additional courses in the planning to help him change direction when he is ready.

Scott feels if he had not gained the advice and support from Inspira he would not have been aware of alternative careers and training and may still be having a “bit of a career crisis”

Our careers adviser, Delia said, “It is always lovely to hear the success our clients achieve. I am pleased Scott has moved forward with training and career ideas. I look forward to helping him if he needs it in the future.”

*Name has been changed for customer protection