Developing careers programme for The Rose School

The Rose School have been working with Pendleside Hospice after being matched through Inspira and the Lancashire Careers Hub. Hear from the Careers Lead for the Rose School, Sue Farinha:

“Our pupils have social, emotional, and mental health difficulties, and we weren’t sure how it would go. But they just were so impacted by visiting the place and seeing all the different job roles that they could have there as well. So, they’ve just been fantastic at working with us and really, just encouraging opportunities for our pupils.”

- Sue Farinha

Hanna, an Enterprise Coordinator for the Lancashire Careers Hub works to match schools with Enterprise Advisers, who are there to be strategic, critical friends and help schools develop their careers programmes. They may require some adaptations with the career’s activities in the school. But the Lancashire Careers Hub have resources and the support, to give businesses or employers wanting to get involved, the ability to do so. Making it more focussed on functional life skills, something that some students might not have ever done before, but working with an employer who can facilitate that, can be an extremely rewarding process.

Hear from Lee Chambers, Psychologist, coach and founder of Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing and Enterprise Adviser:

“For me, it’s come from a passion of being able to help the next generation understand that careers can be quite dynamic. I wanted to find a way to be able to not just speak in an educational setting but be part of creating those careers programmes. So, for me, the Rose School is local, only a few miles from where I live and they are a SEND school, and they specialise in children with ASD. I also have ASD and so does my son. In the SEND schools, there are students with amazing abilities that will bring your business to another level. Which is worth more than any amount of income or turnover that you can generate.”

- Lee Chambers.

If you’re thinking of getting involved, contact us and we’ll look at what you do, and how that may fit around the schools that are looking for an Enterprise Adviser and how that can best suit you, and the school. If you’re an employer and would like to work with Inspira register your interest below.

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