When looking for work and applying for jobs, we sometimes forget or find it difficult to talk about the skills and attributes that make us unique and attractive to employers. By giving yourself a Skills MOT you can gain an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses and discover other skills that you have the potential to master.

So what does a Skills MOT entail? Well, unlike a normal MOT – this is a test you can’t pass or fail. Using the National Career Services Skills Health Check tools, you can take up to 10 different quizzes covering everything from your interests and inspirations to practical things like your ability to solve puzzles and problems.

You can take one test, two tests or 10 tests and you can complete them in any order and at any time as long as you have a Lifelong Learning Account. The more you complete, the more detailed your final report will be. The important thing is to answer all the questions honestly and not to take too long to think about your answers.

Once you have completed all the quizzes you want to take, you can generate your Skills test report. Your report will help you to understand your particular strengths and skills while also looking at areas to improve in order to get the kind of job you want. Depending which quizzes you complete, it may also give you a list of ideas for potential new career options based on your responses.

To talk to an adviser about your Skills test on the phone and/or arrange a face-to-face appointment, call us on 0345 658 8647 and we’ll put your through to your nearest Inspira centre. Lines are open 8am-6pm, Monday to Friday.