How to find a job online

The internet has unequivocally changed the way we look for jobs. Type ‘job search’ into Google and in 0.53 seconds you will be delivered just under 7 million results; that’s a lot to choose from. So what is the best way to find a job online?

There is no short answer to this question. We would love to supply you with a definitive list of the best job websites on the internet but with so many options out there, even we couldn’t say which ones will best serve your purpose.

What we can do is point you in the right direction and tell you what we think is the best and most time efficient way to find your ideal job online.

Universal Jobmatch

Universal Jobmatch is one of the largest job boards in Europe, bringing together millions of job opportunities from hundreds of employers, job sites and recruitment companies across the UK. As well as being able to create and save multiple job searches and set up email alerts when new jobs within your field are posted, Universal Jobmatch also includes the facility to upload a searchable CV and store covering letters. It even keeps a handy record of all the positions you have applied for and allows you to save interesting jobs so you can apply for them later.

Localise to capitalise

Hone in on the best job opportunities in your area by signing up to your local newspaper’s job site. Local newspapers are usually the first port of call for top local businesses and you may find a job opportunity here that isn’t advertised anywhere else.

Social Media

92% of companies now use social media for recruitment purposes. Using social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, The Dots, Tumblr, even Instagram to find a job can often be more fruitful than using traditional job sites – read our blog on how to use social media for job hunting to find out more.

Go straight to the source

Make a list of the top 10 companies you want to work for and stalk them online. To be clear – we are not suggesting you start sending your dream workplaces creepy tweets and emails, but we do suggest you bookmark their website’s ‘work for us’ section and follow them on social media to keep up-to-date with what they’re doing and get a head start on new job openings. The more you know about them and the quicker you know it will work in your favour.

Recruitment Consultants and Agencies

Find out which recruitment consultants and agencies are the best ones in your field of work and get on their books – it pays to deal with specialist agencies rather than generalists. Ask your friends and colleagues who they recommend and utilise Google and LinkedIn to discover interesting agents in your area. Once you have picked out a couple of recruiters, don’t simply upload your CV to their website – call or email them to chat through your options, find out what vacancies they are currently working on and meet with them so they can get a better idea of who you are and the kind of work/employer you are looking for.

If you need help to find a job, or would like some guidance on how to write a CV or covering letter, our advisers are available to help. Call us on 0345 658 8647 to make a free appointment at your local Inspira centre.