Inspira helped Pendleside Hospice open doors for young people

Pendleside Hospice has been able to reach local students through their work with Inspira. Inspira facilitated school assemblies, providing the perfect opportunity to educate and inspire the next generation of Pendleside's future workforce.

Pendleside Hospice has around 130 employees and around 600 volunteers. Helen McVey is the Chief Executive at Pendleside Hospice and the Enterprise Adviser for a school in their community. This partnership provides a critical friendship to support schools with their career strategy.

“Work with young people is important to Pendleside because they’re our future workforce so it’s really vital that people seek Pendleside as a place where they want to come and work. Doing the enterprise work opens the door to people choosing Pendleside as a career”

- Helen McVey

Penny, an Enterprise Coordinator whose been with Inspira for five years and is currently working on the Lancashire Careers Hub. Her role involves identifying local schools and businesses and bringing them together to work towards career activities within schools.

“Pendleside have been brilliant, and they’ve supported The Lancashire Careers Hub now since it started 5 years ago, and they do lots of different things with pupils. Everything from site visits to explaining the role of the hospice… That it's not just bad things happen in hospices; it also has some real and meaningful positives.”

- Penny

When working with the Lancashire Careers Hub employers can give just an hour of their time benefiting themselves and their local communities. If you’re an employer and would like to work with Inspira Register your Interest below.

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