Jack lands role after pre-employment programme with Inspira

After completing a Level 3 Apprenticeship in Early Years Childcare, Jack was struggling to find a permanent role in a nursery. He had started looking at alternative roles but had not had any success so came to Inspira for support and enrolled on a pre-employment programme.

Jack felt that his lack of knowledge of the labour market and employer requirements was holding him back.

“I was applying for customer service roles with no customer service experience!”

Once Jack had taken time to reflect and assess his skills, he was able to refocus his job search.

One of the most useful parts of the programme for Jack was the work on his CV. The advisor helped him to choose a CV format to highlight his skills and experiences, and he also participated in interviews with local employers.

“The programme gave me theoretical skills that I could put into practice during my interview.”

After the group sessions and some one-to-one support, Jack was successful in securing a new role as a mental health support worker. He is excited by his challenging new role, “I will be assisting people in their daily lives, helping their road to recovery.”

Jack says that being back in work is a huge relief, “I feel like a weight has been lifted.” jack is keen to encourage others in his position to contact Inspira for careers and personal development help.

“I would say that Inspira's pre-employment programmes are vital in understanding how employers think and how you can improve your situation.”