Kaleesha found the career path she was looking for

Kaleesha found the career path she was looking for

Kaleesha approached Inspira as she needed help to find a career path as she wanted to get a job but was really struggling. Kaleesha was starting to get a little ‘down’ and so contacted Inspira for help. Struggling with her confidence due to being rejected for jobs and apprenticeships, Kaleesha realised that she needed help with interview skills and information on how to search for jobs and apprenticeships.

The support I received from Inspira was great,” said Kaleesha. “I was given information about websites to help me to research jobs and apprenticeships and I was given a booklet which included common interview questions. This helped massively as it gave me an idea about what to expect. I knew that I could go back to my adviser for more information if I needed it and when I was invited to an interview but had no idea how to get there. My adviser was able to provide me with the route and transport times.

The help I received helped a lot with my confidence,” said Kaleesha. It also helped me to understand that it’s ok to ask for help if you need it. After a successful interview I now have an apprenticeship. My confidence is also improved and am happy in my job.

Thank you Inspira!”

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