NCS helped Liam land his dream job

Liam, from Barrow-in-Furness, is 18 and has just secured a permanent role at Barrow Academy as the Student Liaison Officer.

Liam believes that the skills and qualities he learnt and developed whilst participating in National Citizen Service (NCS) back in the summer of 2017 and then his involvement in the NCS Extension Phase, helped him land the role.

"During phase 1 of the programme we were pushed out of our comfort zones through a series of challenging activities, scaling peaks, scrambling ghylls and literally climbing mountains," said Liam.

But during the week Liam built his teamwork, leadership and communication skills and this carried on throughout the programme. Keen to continue his journey with NCS, Liam felt inspired by the opportunity to be a regional advocate and applied for the NCS Regional Youth Board.

Liam's application for the Regional Youth Board was accepted in the September of 2017. It was then that he found out he was one of only 13 NCS Grads selected for the role of being a regional advocate in the North West of England.

Following his successful application Liam was invited to NCS Kick Start a residential aimed at upskilling young people to be the best regional advocate they can be and continue their NCS experience. Throughout the residential in Stafford Liam continued to develop the core skills that he has learnt through his summer experience of NCS. From the Regional Youth Board to the National Youth Board, Liam continued to grow and contribute to NCS and his local community making positive change by spurring on a mental health campaign to quash the negative stigma around disability.

Gaining transferable skills along the way, Liam went on to work closely with Inspira's recruitment team in Barrow-in-Furness and organising the NCS Local Action Group.

So congratulations Liam and good luck in your new role.