Our NCS journey and making a video for mental health

As a team we have accomplished a variety of things through NCS which we believe have given us vital skills that we can use throughout life. NCS has really changed our lives for the better and we couldn't think of a better way to spend the summer.

We think that week one really gave us the practical life skills we need for the outer world. The expedition taught us how to live independently and work as a team to solve challenges such as putting up the tents and cooking some interesting food. Canoeing and cliff jumping helped us gain some friends for life whilst also giving us the courage to step out of our comfort zone and try something new. Not only did we get to spend a week exploring the outdoors, we were able to come together and watch England play Columbia in the world cup which was fantastic.

Week two really gave us the skill of independence as well as a huge sense of community. We were able to be with our friends for the entire week, completing activities and challenges together. Come dine with me every night allowed us to gain the skill of budgeting as well as cooking and working as a team, even though some of us hated it, the food was always good. The talks throughout the week were very educational and helped us in our choices for later education and life as well as being really fun!

None of us really knew what to expect for week three but we knew it would be good. The week started with educational talks about issues in the community from charities and organisations such as Kooth, St Mary's Hospice and many more. These aided us in our choice for the social action project and allowed us to learn about the community and the issues within it. We started planning our social action plan and, after a few issues, we decided on creating a video to raise awareness for mental health issues. Our aim is to show people how mental and physical illnesses are the same and, therefore, should be treated with equal respect.

In the last week we wanted to raise awareness around metal and physical disabilities to help reduce the stigma around these. As a group we decided to do this by creating a film about the issues that surround people, families and communities that suffer or know someone who is suffering from a mental or physical health problem. We started filming and editing the final video as well as creating a social media presence. We also spent time creating a trailer which has been released on our social media pages to get hype around the film as well as the project Just Say Something, by giving the public a taster of what is to come. After a long editing process, we released the video on Friday 27th July. We really hope that we can use this video to change people's minds on mental illnesses and create a friendlier environment for those who do suffer with them. Click here to view our video >>>