Regenda raised awareness about careers in social housing

The Regenda group are a housing organisation and regeneration company providing opportunities, homes, employment skills and training for people across the Northwest. In Fleetwood, they’ve developed a ten-year vision for the town. As part of that vision education, skills and training is vital and being able to promote some of the opportunities through the career’s hub is a fantastic partnership.

Nicola, an Enterprise Coordinator who has been with Inspira for four years and is currently working in the Lancashire Careers Hub was able to get Steve Newsham on board to become an Enterprise Adviser.

“They want to tackle issues such as tenants and the pupils at schools in Fleetwood and their perception of Regenda… Who are they, what have they got to offer the young people? Regenda wanted to change their brand and for young people to see them as a potential employer.”

- Nicola.

Watch the video above to hear from Nicola Gillett a Tenancy Enforcement officer who started at Regenda when she was 16 as an apprentice in business admin. That progressed and now, she has a career in housing. Also hear from Michelle Brooks, a Housing Officer for the Regenda Group who joined with no experience in social housing. She was given the opportunity to do an apprenticeship in housing which she has now completed and was awarded a distinction.

“I’d encourage other businesses to join the partnership and make yourself aware of the opportunities available through the Lancashire Careers Hub. Not only what it can do for your business but, what it can do for the local community, it’s just been brilliant from my point of view.”

- Steve Newsham

By working with Inspira and the Lancashire Careers Hub, The Regenda Group was able to offer young people personalised work experience. Encouraging individuals to get excited about the opportunities available for them working in social housing, while also having a positive impact on the community. If you’re an employer and would like to work with Inspira Register your Interest below.

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