Seasonal jobs - a great way to start a new career

It’s that time of year when shops become aglow with tinsel, some of us have even started our Christmas shopping. But what if you’re not working or feel you need a boost to the family income to afford those presents? Well a seasonal job might just be the answer!

There are many advantages of a seasonal job which include: building your confidence, new friendships, adding skills to your CV, the chance to try a different job, and most important the opportunity of getting your foot in the door and impressing the boss…. who knows where this could lead?

Ok, there are some downsides – you might not receive a full training programme, be on a starting rate or get the pick of the shifts BUT at the end of the day it is an opportunity which could lead to permanent employment – so what have you got to lose?

Many companies are crying out to fill their seasonal vacancies, and the retail sector is at the top of the tree (no pun intended) and just waiting for your application!

So, I’ve got your attention and you’re feeling motivated, but then you realise you don’t have a CV, haven’t filled in an application form or been to a job interview in a long time. Don’t panic! - this is where Inspira can help. From personal support to our pre-employment programmes focusing on sectors such as Retail, Hospitality and Security, we can help get you on the right track, introduce you to local employers and help with social networking.

The rest is up to you but remember those seasonal jobs won’t be there forever so get in touch today!