The STAR method - Situation, Task, Action and Result

STAR - Situation, Task, Action, and Result

Interview anecdotal or behavioral interview questions can be unnerving for people unused to the term and not familiar with how they work or what they mean.

For a client of Delia’s, one of our Inspira advisers, the interview questions posed, tripped them up as it was focusing on the STAR method which they had never heard of.

Delia’s client was a freelance journalist but due to the uncertainty in the media sector, they were looking to move onto something different.

Although they had several transferrable skills and applied for a few positions, they felt their CV didn’t sell them well enough, and they were keen to understand more about the STAR method.

For Delia and her client, the first step was to explore their interests such as meeting new people and being outside. Matching their transferrable skills to potential roles, Delia suggested local employers contact and explore possible opportunities with.

Together Delia and her client explored CV writing and potential training opportunities. When lockdown hit because of COVID-19, Delia also supported her client with accessing financial help.

A few weeks later Delia received this email:

“I'm slowly getting my head around Excel. I started off with Shaw Academy for their free month (which was good and easy to use) but I've moved on to Microsoft now. It's a bit over my head as I'm terrified of numbers but it's good I'm facing my fears! I've been dipping in and out of The Skills Toolset too. I didn't know about that. The intermediate lessons are really good, and I've recommended them to a few friends.

I haven't applied for any jobs yet, I'm looking to see what's out there, and there is more around now. I've applied to do some voluntary support work with Carlisle Carers to get some experience and see if it's for me. They seem keen and I'm waiting to hear back from them after my DBS/references are checked out. Thanks again for your help"

“One of the most rewarding parts of my job is when you are there to support customers and they acknowledge and appreciate the help and support given.”

- Delia

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