Why do you think the First Aid for Mental Health is important?

No matter where you work or how many people work there you must add the ‘human’ element into any workplace. As people we don’t function as robots and therefore sometimes it is hard to not feel emotional or overwhelmed when you are at work whether or not that is for personal or work reasons. It is important that everyone is valued and feels valued and by putting into place First Aiders for Mental Health in the workplace we make that extra effort to ensure that everyone is given individual and valuable support. This not only makes a difference to the employee but also the employer.

What do you think the clients will benefit from from doing the First Aid for Mental Health?

In my experience the learners on this course don’t just get learning which can be implemented in the Workplace. They achieve knowledge and skills that can be utilised amongst their family and friends and sometimes even themselves. We can all learn to be a little kinder and thoughtful in everything we do.

How do you implement a positive mental health culture in the workplace?

It's quite simple ‘be kind always’. It doesn’t matter what your job role is or where you fall within the hierarchy of the company. It doesn’t matter if you are a First Aider for Mental Health or simply a work colleague. By being kind and giving our time, thought and attention to each other, the workplace is a different place to be. Yes, there are a lot of structures that can be put in place depending on the size and nature of your organisation but essentially it is as simple as ‘be kind always’.

How can we identify factors that can help a person’s mental health?

As a First Aider for Mental Health you are trained on not just what the professional services are and how to find them but also self-help strategies. Through a non-judgemental conversation the First Aider can establish a lot about a person’s home and work life, they can establish what the person likes to do or perhaps used to like to do. Using all this information we can make a more personal centred approach to giving them supporting factors that can help their mental health.

As a business my best advice is find out about your employees, what are their names, where do they live, who are their family. Take time to talk to them as individuals and ensure they know they are valued. Don’t just concentrate on the ‘work’. Concentrate on the ‘person’ and the work will just come naturally