Thinking of a new career talk to Inspira

Thinking of a new career – talk to Inspira

Gillian contacted Inspira’s National Careers Service advisers as she was looking for support to help her move into a new career. Gillan’s long term goal was to become an Administrator in the NHS but short term she just wanted a new job.

Together, Gillian and Inspira adviser Tracey, explored her barriers to progression which included finalising a CV, understanding job searches and interview questions, alongside the need to find a suitable IT training course.

For Gillian’s CV, Tracey helped Gillan understand how to write a personal profile and key skills section. Once this was complete, they then moved onto how to use a job search site.

“Over the phone, we explored a job search site and went through the process until Gillian felt confident to try by herself,” said Tracey.

“Gillian had also been exploring interview questions and was worried about the competence base ones so once she had got the hang of the job search sites, we moved on to discussing interview questions and the STAR process (situation, task, action and result) and examples she could use,” continued Tracey.

Gillian plans to attend Preston College for IT training in September. From there Gillian knows that once she has gained good IT skills, she can then look at other training options such as Business Administration and move towards her goal of becoming an Administrator.