Funded by the Flexible Support Fund (FSF), our Fastlane and Routefinder programme has been designed to trial different approaches to tackle joblessness.

Similar to Jobtrain, Fastlane Routefinder aims to support unemployed people with multifacted barriers to work. The are four course pathways available, enabling us to adapt support depending on how far the claimant is from the job market.

Our Fastlane and Fastlane Plus courses have been designed for customers who need a short burst of tailored support. Our Routefinder and Routefinder Plus courses are for those who need additional one-to-one as well as group support over a sustained period.

All clients have a 1.5 hour diagnostic interview which includes the creation of an action plan, detailing activities to improve claimants chances of getting back into work. Exit reports are completed by all participants, and those on Routefinder paths are also tracked regarding their progress. 

To find out more about Fastlane Routefinder or how we might be able to help inspire your group, please call us on 01931 711 300 or fill out the form below and we will get back to you. 

What a brilliant course! I didn’t know what to expect but the group's barriers were broken down quickly by the trainers who were fantastic. I've made friends, learned to work as part of a team, developed leadership skills, learned to listen to others and I now feel far more confident.” 

Adam, Routefinder participant