Looking to get back into work after having children, travelling, or simply haven't been in the job market for a while? We know going back to work after a break can be a challenge, and finding the perfect job is rarely quick or easy. The good news is that we have a team of experienced professionals to help you through the process.

Our advisers will be able to give you focus and practical advice on finding the right opportunities for you. There are many ways in which we can support you, for example we can:

  • Help you with decisions and planning to explore the best route back to work
  • Help you review your skills and abilities, including the soft skills you will have picked up throughout your break from work
  • Improve your CV and interview skills
  • Refer you to other organisations and useful events
  • Help to get you back in the work habit
  • Build your confidence
  • Enable you to make the best use of the resources available to you

To find out how we can help you find your potential, and develop skills for work call us on 0345 658 8647, or fill out the form below.