Hi, my name is Jack and I'm the NCS Graduate Engagement Assistant for Inspira. I've been in this particular role since 2015 but I've also worked for Inspira as an NCS Team Leader and a Wave Leader!

There's no such thing as an average day working on NCS. Each day is different in its own wonderful way! I am lucky enough to work with some of the most inspirational, passionate and motivated NCS graduates in the UK. One day I might be visiting an NCS group in Kendal and the next day I'll be working with a grad team in Blackpool. Wherever I am, I am always enthused by the amazing work our graduates and delivery staff are doing across Cumbria and Lancashire.

Working with NCS graduates and helping them to continue their NCS Journey is fantastic, and seeing each individual continue to develop even further after NCS is so rewarding. In Cumbria and Lancashire we are working on giving young people a voice on a national level by being involved in NCS Local and Regional Youth Boards and continuing to engage and make a difference in the local communities through Social Action projects.

My inspirational story 

I worked in New Delhi, India for over a year working for an amazing NGO called Swechha. We worked with one of the biggest slum communities in the city, primarily with the children of the community through our alternative learning programme; Pagdandi.

When I first arrived in 2013, I worked with an individual who at the age of 16, was not in education and had the reading and writing age of a 6 year old. Throughout the year I worked with him on a 1:1 basis twice a day, focussing mainly on English but also a little bit of maths.

Having grown up in a slum community, his ability to use a computer was zero. After many long days of explaining and teaching the meaning of a ‘noun’ and a ‘verb’ and why we use ‘their’, ‘there’ and ‘they’re’, I now receive emails written in English on a weekly basis on a computer that we secured through a funding drive and it warms my heart a little more each time.

Words to live by

If you can dream it, you can do it.

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