Jane Wann

Hello my name is Jane Wann and I am a Skills and Development Advisor who has worked for Inspira for over 7 years. I enjoy supporting people to identify career paths they wish to follow, job seek, make high quality job applications, create great CVs and to prepare for forthcoming interviews. I believe that working in a job that you love is very important and I get a massive sense of achievement when I hear that people I have worked with have achieved their goals!

As part of The National Careers Service, I work in a variety of places in North Lancashire including Job Centres in Lancaster, Morecambe and Preston, The Princes Trust and Lancaster and Morecambe College. Most of the time I am seeing people for face to face appointments or delivering group sessions – all carefully tailored to meet their needs.

My inspirational story

I completed a fire walk – much to my own surprise! Although I was frightened of burning my feet – or even worse falling over onto the hot coals - I learned that motivation and self-belief can drive us on to achieve our goals.

Words to live by

Aim high – there is plenty of room!