NCS delivered by Inspira is an experience you really don't want to miss. If you're aged 15 to 17 years-old and live in Cumbria or Lancashire, this is your chance to embark on exhilarating challenges, make your mark, and build skills for work and life. Almost 400,000 young people have already said YES to NCS - isn't it time you did, too? 

How it works

NCS takes place outside term time in spring, summer and autumn - each one is a little different but equally amazing. There are plenty of dates to choose from, so there's nothing standing between you and awesomeness of NCS.

Phase 1: Adventure

In your first week, you and your new BFFs will head into the woods for five days of outdoor adventure. While you're there, you will get to take part in loads of challenges and adrenaline fuelled activities. These challenges are designed to take you out of your comfort zone to build your confidence and develop skills like teamwork, decision making, and leadership.

Phase 2: Discovery

During the following week, you will be reunited with your team mates for another five days, living away from home in uni style accommodation. During this time, you will develop important life skills, find your independence, and get to know your community better.

Phase 3: Action

Finally, you will put all the skills you have learned into practice by designing a social action project with your team. The project will then be delivered over 30 hours and will make a real mark on your local community. The experience gained from this stage of the programme will really help your CV, UCAS or college application stand out from the crowd.


The NCS Celebration event is your chance to look back on everything you've achieved on NCS, while also finding out about the exciting opportunities now available to you as an NCS Graduate.

For more information or to book go to or call us on 0345 658 8647 and ask to speak to your local NCS Coordinator.  

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