Becoming an NCS summer staff member can really enhance your future career

BECOMING part of Inspira’s National Citizen Service (NCS) Summer staff team could open doors and give you new skills to enhance your current or future career.

In 2018, Inspira recruited more than 100 people in Lancashire and Cumbria to a range of paid summer positions to deliver their NCS contract. Recruitment for 2019 is underway and the Company is looking to employ over 100 temporary members of staff again.

National Citizen Service is so well regarded by people who participate in the programme, that once they are old enough, some of them want to return as summer staff. This is an increasing trend and one which Inspira’s HR Manager Louisa Graham is keen to encourage. She said: “In 2017, 25 per cent of our NCS summer staff were graduates (ex NCS participants) and this year it was more than 30 per cent.

On average individuals will work for us for about three years before their lives and careers take them off in other directions, but there are exceptions to this and we have a small handful of staff who have worked on the programme for a number of years, two of whom have been with Inspira since the 2010 pilot.”

As well as being part of the team during the summer, all temporary staff are invited to apply for any vacancies Inspira might have at the time, often securing an interview, even if not appointed to a role.

Louisa added: “a third of our current NCS Area Coordinators started as NCS summer staff.”

“Getting involved as NCS staff is good for people who want to gain experience working with young people and also for those who are looking for opportunities for experience in managing other people to support their own career advancement.

National Citizen Service was piloted across England in 2010 and aims to get young people involved in their local community, as well as experience independent living. Inspira has been managing and delivering the programme in Cumbria and Lancashire from the beginning.

Activities include personal development such as team building, developing leadership skills and self-confidence. It’s aimed at 16-17 year olds and runs in the spring, summer and autumn.

Louisa added that personal development was a massive part of the role for the staff as well as for the young people:

She said: “We also offer a National Careers Service interview before people come to an NCS selection centre, to help them prepare for the process.

“In 2018 we ran an overnight training residential for new NCS staff. There are also five online training modules to complete including first aid, managing critical incidents and safeguarding, which as well as being great training for NCS, is also something staff can take back with them to their permanent jobs after the summer or use on their CV’s and job applications in the future.

“We provide lots of support from our permanent staff who work on NCS, and we find the roles are really attractive to students and teachers, as well as people looking for some people management experience to put on the CV to help them secure promotional roles in their current line of work.”

Pay for NCS staff over the summer ranges from £975 to £1,280 for three weeks work and includes training modules such as first aid and face-to-face training, all of which will look great on a CV.

“New recruits bring in a fresh pair of eyes to our programme and they in turn benefit by topping up their skills and improving their CVs and experience before returning to work, college or university. It’s also a real talent pool for Inspira and of course a really worthwhile programme for all the young people taking part.”

If you want to know more about how you can get involved pop into your local Inspira office, head to or call 0345 658 8647 contact HR on 01931 711300 or head to