Raising awareness of employment related services

Claire Benson, Inspira’s Marketing and Communications Manager talks about Employability Day (14 July) and the importance of raising awareness of employment related services and the impact they have on local communities.

Employment was a core manifesto point for all the parties, particularly in light of the upcoming Brexit negotiations. How the policy pledges play out in the upcoming years we will have to see, but one thing we do know is that if we as a country are going to exploit the opportunities ahead of us, then we need an adaptable workforce, ready to take on future challenges and hungry for success.

As a leading provider of careers advice and guidance, helping people manage their careers as well as their personal development, Inspira is always looking for ways to draw attention to the importance of employability skills and the needs of employers today and in the future.

Through delivery of the National Careers Service and our latest innovative programme The Key - and its Lancashire counterpart Access to Employment - Inspira is in a unique position to help people not only develop core employability skills but also to match employers with their potential future workforce.

To highlight this, Inspira and CN Media are promoting UK Employability Day throughout Cumbria on 14 July.

UK Employability Day is in its second year and is a national campaign run by ERSA – the Employment Related Services Association. Activities take place throughout the country including visits from MPs and the Employment Minister.

In Cumbria we intend to make lots of noise, highlighting the employability skills employers are looking for and showcasing jobs around the county. Our volunteer Enterprise Advisers and Employer Mentors (who are local business owners and employers) will be on social media talking about their experiences, and we will be running an open session on Twitter to offer advice to adults and young people on how they can best develop their skills set, gain insights into local labour markets, and discover what employment opportunities are currently available.

All our centres across the county will be open and offering taster sessions and advice for anyone wanting to know more about how to develop their employability skills and ultimately find a job or career. If you would like to get involved in Employability Day please get in touch to find out more.