Employer Engagement in Cumbria & Lancs core to Inspira's work in 2018

Receiving the accolade of Social Enterprise of the Year at the CN Media Business Awards was one of the highlights of 2017 for Inspira. As a social enterprise we are really pleased to have been acknowledged for the work we do in Cumbria and further afield.

2017 was an exciting year on many fronts. The release of the Government’s industrial and careers strategies to tackle social immobility across the UK by creating better links between businesses, schools and prospective employees has been welcomed by us and our colleagues.

Inspira has successfully established Employer engagement programmes into Cumbria and Lancashire through the Enterprise Adviser Networks, these new Government initiatives will enable more engagement in 2018.

The careers strategy is based around four key priorities: ensuring every school and college has a high-quality careers programme; providing opportunities for work experience; offering tailored support to students; and utilising appropriate sources of information about jobs and careers. The aim of the strategies is to try and increase social mobility, Carlisle, Allerdale and Blackpool are highlighted as areas with social mobility issues.

The work we do with Inspira gets great results and we will continue to work closely with employers, making sure that we are key deliverers in these headline Government strategies.

At the heart of what we do here at Inspira is all about empowering young people and adults regardless of age. Our work with employers is crucial to help us do this, if you would like to get involved contact us at info@inspira.org.uk or tweet me on @InspiraMarkB.

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