Help available for young people who miss out on their GCSE grades

Help available for young people who miss out on their GCSE grades

Thousands of young people in Cumbria and Lancashire will be waiting anxiously to pick up their GCSEs this week.

The 2018 papers were tougher compared to previous years, with a new grading system put in place to reflect this.

Many young people will be waiting for set grades to continue their journey into further education, apprenticeships or work. But, what if they don’t get their expected grades or simply have no idea in what direction they want to go?

That’s where Inspira can help with their successful Launch Pad programme designed to support young people across Cumbria (in Lancashire it is called Moving On) who need additional support to help them make the transition into further learning or training.

Peter Clark, Inspira’s Contract Lead, explains how Launch Pad aims to prepare young people for the world of work or further education, by providing one-to-one and group tuition, alongside targeted information, advice and guidance.

“Launch Pad is predominately for young people who are classed as not in education, employment or training (NEET) or potentially NEET. The label can be considered negative, but the term theoretically covers young people who have left school this year and are waiting for their exam results before they decide what to do next, those who may be undecided about their future and young people who haven’t managed to secure a position for September either in an apprenticeship or further education.

“The process is simple and straightforward - participants take an assessment to identify areas for development, a learning plan is then created to help the participant achieve their goals. Each one is individually tailored.

“Alongside vocational study in a range of sectors such as customer service, administration, warehousing and digital technology; participants can also work towards recognised accreditation and certificates in English, Maths and ICT.”

Personal development plays a pivotal role in the programme and focuses on energetic, engaging and experiential activities intended to improve essential employability skills like communication, leadership and teamwork.

“Any young person who is not sure what they want to do in September, "continues Peter, “can come to us for help and guidance. Just get in touch, all the details of what we can offer and how to get in touch are on our website.”