Inspira reaching new audiences in the digital age and staying relevant

As our new Chair for Inspira in place since January, we asked George Beveridge, the former Deputy MD for Sellafield, to talk about his first impressions of the company and the importance of staying relevant to young people.

The enthusiasm and passion of the Inspira staff is just infectious. This is so important when our role is to inspire the next generation. It is important to us to be able to see the capability and enthusiasm of our staff and they certainly don’t fail at that. During the latest staff survey that passion was the strongest I had ever seen anywhere.

Later this summer, Inspira’s Board will be reviewing company strategy and planning for the next three to five years. One thing we know for sure is that this is an exciting time and there are a lot of opportunities out there for us as a company.

It is important that we continue to build on our good relationships with our stakeholders, key partners, and clients. The way we manage this is very important to us.

In December 2013, the Government announced its Digital Strategy which aimed to ensure government services kept up with the digital age and allowed at least 82% of the population who use the internet to access services.

One area we want to get more adept at using is our social media channels. We are looking at our capability to communicate with young people and this is an area we know will be key to getting messages out and keeping them engaged.

I think we also need to look at broadening our offering too, but in a careful way. There are areas that we need to look at being involved in such as health and well-being. We can use this alongside what we are already doing so well to get people off benefits and into work. I would also like to see us more involved in the Criminal Justice System and see how Inspira can support the work being done there.

We need to support people from all walks of life in a positive way and what we already know can help to do this.