Value for money model ensures people succeed with Inspira

How does a social enterprise and not-for-profit organisation like Inspira show a return on investment? Daniel Carter, Inspira’s Business Development Manager talks about the Inspira model and why it is a proven success.

Despite what is sometimes thought, there is plenty of help available online and in the community aimed at getting people into jobs. In the digital space, there are seemingly infinite, freely available channels for online information and advice.

Out in the community, a variety of statutory and voluntary initiatives offer help in the form of CV workshops, job hunting courses and ‘employability training’.

The problem is that much of the standard into-work support offer is generic and in some cases perhaps a little tired. Inspira aims to be different and The Key is a perfect example of the Inspira model in action.

There is no single blueprint for how we work with people at Inspira - our programmes are based upon the principle of a personalised, tailored response to individual needs.

Yet, across all of our varied programmes and contracts, we apply a core approach, blending career management support with highly motivational personal development.

Through evaluations and anecdotal evidence, our customers tell us they value this approach and find it different to standard programmes, that it has a real impact on how they view themselves and their prospects.

We understand that true employability is a rich mix of personal attitudes and behaviour, skills and understanding, self-management and motivation. It’s no good having a perfectly crafted CV if you lack the confidence or self-awareness needed to present yourself effectively, or the skills needed to thrive in the workplace.

We provide energetic, engaging and challenging development programmes with a high degree of participation. Our delivery style is based around activity rather than passive listening; allowing participants to practice critical workplace competencies and qualities. Most importantly of all, we focus on fostering our customers’ sense of self-belief and purpose.

Personal development and career management are really two sides of the same coin. It is the combination of these two strands into a genuinely holistic approach that makes the Inspira model distinctive. This whole-person approach works most effectively when underpinned by sustained, individual support.

Experience and a strong body of research evidence tells us that our customers attach a high value to the role of a dedicated case worker - a trusted and skilled adviser who believes in them, looks at their life, needs, career and life goals, helps them address problems and reflect on progress.

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