Workplace Health important for productivity and staff wellness

Every year in the UK around 130 million working days are lost due to illness – that’s bad news for people, bad news for business and a compelling reason why Inspira are keen to support Healthy Workplace initiatives in Carlisle. Daniel Carter, Business Development Manager for Inspira explains more.

Inspira has always worked to combine the twin fields of personal development and career management – in short, helping people to thrive in work. So we recognise the many close and complex links between employment and health: good work can be really important for your health and wellbeing; good health can be critical to productivity and success at work.

Inspira is one of a number of organisations helping to promote better health at work in the Carlisle area. We are working on behalf of Carlisle Healthy City Forum: a working partnership between the City Council, Cumbria County Council, health organisations, GPs, the community sector and local business.

One of the key public health priorities agreed for Carlisle District is tackling health inequalities through fair employment. The workplace is an important setting for engaging people in activities that improve their health and wellbeing and contribute to business productivity. Evidence shows that healthier, active and engaged employees are more productive, and have lower levels of sickness absence and presentisms – making for better business results.

Inspira will be involved in supporting a Workplace Health Conference, aimed at employers and other local stakeholders, on February 1, 2018 at the Milton Hilltop Hotel in Carlisle.

This event will highlight the importance of workplace health, showcase best practice and introduce employers large and small to resources and activities that can help to promote better health at work, including mental wellbeing. The conference will be followed by local workplace activity packages.

In the UK, the combined costs of sickness absence, lost productivity through worklessness, and health-related productivity losses, are estimated to be over £100bn annually. This is greater than the current annual budget for the NHS and equivalent to the entire GDP of Portugal. One in four of UK employees report having a physical health condition. One in five of those employees with physical health conditions also reported having a mental health condition. The most common reasons for sickness absence from work is muscular-skeletal conditions and poor mental health.

If you would like to find out more regarding the Healthy Workplace initiatives or get involved email Inspira at or tweet Daniel @InspiraDanielC

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