Our Workshops

All workshops are completely FREE of charge and take place at a local Inspira Centre. For more information about these workshops and to book your first 1:1 session please call Inspira on 0345 658 8647 or fill out this form.

Individual 1:1

Inspira will help you identify your strengths and potential career options. Together we will develop a plan of action to help you into work.

Returning to Work & Building Resilience

Need a little help and motivation as you work towards your return to employment? Learn strategies to aid you in your return to work; and put your plan into action.

Developing Personal Confidence & Self-Awareness

Get to grips with the barriers that hold you back and develop strategies to get around them. You'll also learn how to tackle nerves, speak up in group situations, and come across with confidence and self-belief.

Preparing for Work: Skills, Qualities & Attitudes

Understand the skills an employer looks for and learn how to adapt to change within a competitive jobs market by understanding your existing transferable skills and qualities and identifying development opportunities to meet the changing needs of employers and job roles.

Effective Communication

Develop your communication and learn about interpersonal skills, body language, and active listening techniques. Find out about communication barriers and the different ways to overcome them.

Build Your IT Skills

Identify your IT skills and increase your knowledge so that you succeed in the world of work.

Creating CVs & Successful Job Applications

Learn how to create a high impact CV tailored to the role, employer and sector you are applying for. Understand how to apply for online vacancies, find out about vocational training opportunities and understand application processes.

How to Understand the Local Job Market & Find Vacancies

Gain an overview of current job vacancies and get to know areas of growth in your local area. Learn about local employers with live job opportunities and understand their vacancy needs, the skills and qualities they are looking for and the benefits of working for the employer.

Wellbeing & Coping with Stress

Struggling to deal with anxiety or stress in your job search? Learn to understand stress and discover new ways to manage it.

Developing Team Work

Discover the skills you need to perform effectively as part of a team, while developing an understanding of the practices and principles of great team work.

Social Media Skills - Personal Brand & Online Presence

Learn about the importance of positive personal branding and how your current social media channels can affect your success in finding employment.

Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

Understand the basics of presentation skills. Work in a group to create a presentation and present back to an audience.

Preparing for Interviews: Interview Experience & Feedback

Maximise your chance of a successful interview by understanding how hiring managers interview and how to respond to real questions. Put your learning into practice and understand how to ask for and interpret employer feedback.

Take on the Challenge: Employ ME

Work in teams on a time-bound business challenge that will help you develop your confidence, put all of your skills and experience into practice and allow you to present yourself professionally, ready for the world of work.

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