Ready For Work

Ready for Work is an innovative opportunity for employers to help local people build employability skills. The bespoke programme of pre-recruitment training is designed to equip their future workforce with the soft and hard skills they need to make sure they are ‘Ready for Work’.

Through the programme, local job seekers will be given the skills, qualifications and experiences that businesses are looking for.

The programme is developed around real business needs and the opportunities available; focusing on unemployed and underemployed local people, Inspira can deliver potential candidates who will understand what it takes to be part of a team, have the motivation to work hard and contribute positively to the working environment.

Call us on 01931 711 300 to find out how Ready for Work can help you and your company, or fill out the form and we will be in touch.

“Ready for Work offers a way to raise aspirations; it says to people that, regardless of how well you did at school, there is still a reason to be hopeful of a bright, sustainable future.”

- Tony Price, Managing Director, Sellafield Ltd.