Name: Shah Hussain

Age: 47

Where were you last employed? 

Before working for Inspira I was Self Employed, I worked with my brother in a family business doing social media for small businesses and developing mobile apps.

Why did you decide to join Inspira? 

Previously I was a careers adviser working for Lancashire County council for a long time, about 15/16 years. So I thought I would go back into what I was trained to do. I enjoyed meeting people and listening to people, also being able to help people find the right career or develop their career ideas and look at what they can do.

What does your job entail? 

My job entails seeing people who are generally unemployed and maybe not sure as to what their next steps would be, so looking at discussing those ideas with them, and signposting them to places that they could go to find out more information or help with getting into that occupation. Whether it is through helping them create a CV, or upload the CV onto a website or help with applications.

What benefits do you think clients get from the help you give? 

I like how at Inspira we have workers up and down the country in job centres, in terms of the National Careers Service staff, which is good in the sense that it gives people a perspective as to where they are at in their career and where they would like to be. In my role I see a varied type of customers, from people with a lot of work experience to people with very little work experience or perhaps who are coming back into work after raising a family. I feel it’s good that they can use the National Careers Service as being able to see somebody face to face and show them how to do something rather than telling them is very helpful.

What do you most like about your job? 

What I like about my job is the communication with people, the face to face communication I really enjoy and getting to know people, even though I will see them once or twice just being able to connect with somebody is nice. One of my first career appointments I gave was a customer who was looking to go back into work after raising a family, we updated her CV and told her how to tailor it to specific jobs. She phoned me a few weeks later to tell me she had landed a job she loved as well as being invited to many interviews, she thanked me so much for the ways in which I helped her.

Any advice for people wanting to get into your profession? 

I think if people enjoy the kind of work where you’re always meeting people, are sociable, and love getting involved then this is a good job for them. It is rewarding and you get good job satisfaction.