Where were you last employed?

I have spent the last six years working for PHX Training. My previous job role was as Lead Work Coach for Lancashire on the Journey2Work contract. Before this, I taught Functional Skills Maths/English and IT from Entry Level up to Level 2. 

Why did you decide to join Inspira? 

I had previously worked on the National Careers Service contract and loved the job, only leaving for personal development in other areas. I found out about the job through talking to Inspira about training and thought it was time I went back and updated my skills and knowledge on a contract I was passionate about. Knowing Inspira had an excellent reputation made the decision a straightforward one to make.

What are you looking forward to achieving with Inspira? 

I am looking forward to helping to promote the service and company further in Blackpool and Fylde and meet contractual requirements.

My inspirational story

I don’t think my story is an inspiring one, but I have faced at one time or another the same barriers as many of the customers I interact with. Including moving to a new area, being a single parent, and not driving trying to find work. I was lucky as I had and continue to have a can-do attitude. I also feel that most problems have a solution and enjoy exploring ways to find a solution.

Words to live by

There but for the grace of god go I

Keep trying you will get there

Always find the good in everything you do