Hi, I'm Victoria and I'm the NCS Coordinator for South Lakes and North Lancashire. I've worked for Inspira for almost four years, doing everything from careers advice and guidance, to youth work.

Working for a company like Inspira means that my job is ever-evolving, busy, always challenging and never boring.

The best thing about being an NCS Coordinator is seeing young people develop confidence and life-skills, whilst making new friends and challenging themselves. It is incredibly hard work; with late nights, time spent away from home, and complex planning - but when it all comes together, and you get to see the teams carrying out their social action projects, it all seems worth while. Young people are incredibly funny, so I spend a lot of time laughing, which can only be good!

My inspirational story

I once appeared on the BBC quiz show Pointless with my brother and according to Richard Osman, we were “historically, the best team to appear on show, who didn’t win the money”. That's kind of inspirational, right?

Words to live by

If you can’t be a good example, then you have to be a horrible warning!

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