What makes a great CV today?

We know that writing a CV can be overwhelming. Having a good CV can mean the difference between getting noticed or being overlooked in today's crowded job market. Whether you've just left school and need advice about writing your first CV or just perfecting an old one, Inspira can help with some tips from our expert career advisers.

Here are 5 Top Tips for writing your CV:

1) Make it relevant to your desired job!

There are many ways to format your CV depending on what career path you are aiming for. Make sure yours follows the best one suited to the industry you are applying for.

2) Make it clear and to the point

It's extremely easy to get sidetracked including every detail of experiences you've had, it's then hard to decipher what is and isn't important to include on your CV. A safe way to avoid this is to keep checking the desired skills for the job you're applying for and link the experience you've had to these points.

3) Read the job description carefully

Within the desired skillset and from looking at overall notes on the company website and job description. Find good keywords to reuse in your writing, this will help the employer recognise the right traits from your CV when reading many quickly.

4) Use bullet points and headings

The employers could be searching quickly through many different CVs, it will be easier for them to identify essential information that will make you stand out if your CV is layer out clearly and efficiently. By having a CV with clear headings and organised section

5) Name the document or PDF clearly with your name

It is helpful to imagine what the process would be like for the employer reading your document throughout this process. If it is ladled clearly within the files with your name and the job you are applying for it will go more smoothly on their end and you are more likely to be contacted for an interview.

For more specific questions and concerns about writing your CV do get in touch with our career advisers for free professional advice! Our professional advisers will work with you to determine your career ambitions and help you to identify and draw out the skills, strengths and experience your target employers will be looking for.

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