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The Link will improve the engagement of employers in Career Education in the Cumbria LEP area.

The project will provide:

  • A single, managed route for employers to engage in career education activities, to inform the future workforce about opportunities and articulate their skills needs;
  • Coordination of activities that allow young people to encounter employers, gain insights into the workplace and learn about future career routes– as part of a coherent programme of careers support.

Specific Activities to be Delivered

Project activity will consist of:

  • Local coordination of engagement between employers, schools and skills providers:  We will coordinate employer engagement activities through four Local Coordinators, aligned with the LEP’s Careers Hub clusters of schools, colleges, Enterprise Coordinators and other careers providers.  Within each of the Careers Hub clusters, the project will offer employers a single manged route to engage in career education activity;
  • Annual Skills Fairs:  Designed as a showcase for Cumbria’s current and future employment offer, these large-scale public events will take place in each part of the County (aligned with the four Careers Hub clusters), with a consistent format and brand.  Employers will take part without charge and will be supported to provide interactive, hands-on displays, with talks and demonstrations delivered alongside the main ‘marketplace’.  Schools and colleges will be supported to attend e.g. with briefing materials, transport and managed time slots, and open sessions will be available for parents/carers and other members of the community;

Employer-led activity will be coordinated with schools, colleges and other skills providers through four Local Coordinators  aligned to the Cumbria LEP Careers Hub clusters in:

  • Allerdale and Copeland
  • South Lakeland and Eden
  • Carlisle and district
  • Furness

 Benefits and Outcomes

The project will produce benefits relating directly to specific objectives identified in the call specification, ESF Operational Programme and relevant strategies of Cumbria LEP.  The mid to long-term impacts of the project will be mutually beneficial to young people and employers.

These benefits will contribute to addressing the major challenges identified in Cumbria LEP’s draft Local Industrial Strategy for Cumbria’s people and skills:

  • Declining workforce
  • Thin pool of higher-level skills
  • Developing the future workforce
  • A curriculum for productivity and inclusive growth

Additionally, employers will benefit from having a single coordinated route to engage in multiple activities – helping to reduce the burden on SMEs and build their capacity for engaging with skills provision.   This will also ensure that encounters between employers and young people are planned as part of a coherent career education programme, helping deliver against the Gatsby Benchmarks for careers guidance and Cumbria LEP’s Careers Strategy.