A-Level Results Day Q&A

What you need to know:

A-Level Results Day is a stressful one, whether you are going to university or looking for an apprenticeship, there's a lot to remember. Inspira is here to support you with plenty of useful advice to help you on your way.

Be prepared! To ensure your results day goes smoothly and you know what you are doing, follow our step-by-step guide.

Things you will need for A-Level results day:

  • Your UCAS ID number and login details.
  • Phone and phone charger.
  • Clearing number (will appear if rejected by other choices).
  • Clearing contact information for the universities, you might try.
  • Pen and paper.
  • Your personal statement and previous exam results.
  • A good cup of tea! It’s essential to consider your mental health on days that have the potential to be stressful. Take precautions and have your support network at hand.

UCAS Track: Tracking your university application...

If you are applying to university, you should already be familiar with the UCAS website. Here you'll find the best way to track your applications, find out if you have been accepted or it's been unsuccessful. The university will inform Track directly; however, don’t expect to find out immediately as the websites can become overwhelmed and may take a while to update.

The best thing to do is head to your school or college to pick up your results; there you'll be able to ask a teacher any questions.

UCAS Adjustment: How you can change your university course...

If your grades exceed your expectations, Adjustment allows you to find a place on an alternative course. You can only do this if your results are higher than what your firm and insurance places need from you.

It’s good to have an idea beforehand on where you might like to try if this happens. Check if the course still sounds right for you before making the switch!

UCAS Clearing: How to find a place at university if you don’t meet the grades...

If you have not met the target grades needed for your initial choices and find yourself still needing a place somewhere else, universities use Clearing to fill any spare spaces they may still have on courses.

Hopefully, you have a few places in mind, but it’s always good to do some research on the university before you call them, as this could be where you spend the next few years, so it’s still important to check it’s right for you.

You can also utilise Clearing Plus, which is a useful tool, that provides a customized list of courses that have a high probability of accepting you. If you are using Clearing to search for a university and course, Clearing Plus simplifies the process by matching unplaced applicants with suitable courses that have available spots.

Deferring your course on results day:

If you feel the need to delay your course for a year, you can contact the university. Be aware, though; some may want you to cancel your application and apply again when you are ready.

If you feel the need to do this, go for it! A year out of education could be just what you need to know for sure what you want to do in life. It could give you the chance to make some extra money or find out something new about yourself.

Late to apply but still want a place at university?

If you previously thought that you did not want to go to university, but you’ve changed your mind upon seeing your grades, you can still find a place. If you start your application after 30 June 2022, the system will automatically send you to Clearing, where you can find the right course and university for you.

If you have any more questions about this process or don’t think university is right for you, be sure to check out Inspira’s other resources on apprenticeships, personal development and getting ready for the job world. Alternatively, book a chat with one of our expert career advisers.

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