Find employment after redundancy

Find employment after redundancy

My name is Delia McEwan and I am Skills and Development Adviser with Inspira. I work to deliver careers advice to adults looking to secure employment, make a career change or look to progress in their current role. I heard some good news today. I first met David back in March as part of a group session due to his employer announcing redundancies. He had worked for there for several years.

The session was supported by DWP staff and we informed the employees at risk of redundancy on how to claim benefits, the positives that can be found of being made redundant, local labour market information, CV tips and interview skills.

David was worried. He has always been in employment and felt his age could be a barrier to securing new employment.

Following the session David continued to access support from me to develop his CV further. He needed to secure employment quickly. I advised him of the urgent vacancies supermarkets locally were desperate to fill and suggested he contact them direct rather than through an agency or web site.

I kept in contact with David for a number of weeks during his job search to reassure him and gave him support with interview skills as this was an employment sector he was unfamiliar with.

He has now secured employment with one of the local supermarkets and although this may be temporary and not in the preferred employment area it has boosted his confidence. David said, “Being able to identify my transferrable skills and apply them in this role is great. I was worried that due to my age, I may not find new employment.

David feels if they had not gained the advice and support from Inspira he may not be in this position Without National Careers Service from Inspira I could have been trying to find my way through the employment maze, probably unsuccessfully.”

David went on to say, The future job market could be very different when normality resumes after COVID 19 and although I have found work for now, the future remains very uncertain and I may need more assistance. I will definitely use the service again if that happens.”?

Delia said, “It is always lovely to hear the success our clients achieve. I am pleased David has moved into a new role. I look forward to helping him if he needs it in the future.

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