Careers advice helps Nicola achieve her nursing career goals

Nicola's first contact with Inspira was at a point when she was very unhappy in her career.

Nicola explains: "I felt quite upset with what I was doing career-wise and there was no chance for me to progress, I was worried I would stay that way until retirement. I knew I desperately wanted change, and to follow my dreams but I had no idea how to go about it."

Nicola had always wanted to pursue a career in nursing, at the session Careers Advisor, Jane helped Nicola to identify her goals and to plan the actions she would need to take to achieve them.

"Jane made me believe in myself and see my worth, and my valuable skills and qualities. Thanks to all this, I applied and got accepted onto the access course which I have now completed."

Jane was able to help Nicola further when the college she was studying at closed due to COVID 19. Nicola needed to gain a Level 2 qualification in Maths to get onto the degree course but could no longer do this. Jane referred Nicola to an alternative learning provider and she has now achieve this qualification.

Nicola comments: "The support also doesn't end at of your first point of contact. Jane has continued to provide support and advice to me throughout my journey with regards to uni and functional skills, which has been amazing, and I will always be grateful for that. I really feel supported."

"The National Careers Service has helped me greatly in deciding which direction I want my life to go. Jane helped me to see my worth, and that my work and life experiences are something to be valued, and that they do count. I can say it is absolutely the best decision I have made during adulthood. I have no regrets."

Nicola started university in September 2021 and is on her way to achieving her dream of becoming a Registered Adult Nurse.

Nicola would encourage anyone thinking of contacting National Careers Service, "to absolutely do it, don't delay".