Changing direction made easy with Inspira

During her time at school Alice* had met different advisers from Inspira and always found them helpful. So when she realised that her apprenticeship was not working out, Alice knew Inspira could help.

Lynn helped Alice build her confidence and answered her queries about her current apprenticeship. Lynn discussed new apprenticeship opportunities and showed Alice websites which would help her. Alice soon had an interview and Inspira helped her with interview techniques and questions.

"After losing my apprenticeship my confidence was knocked massively," said Alice. "However coming to Inspira and working with these lovely women helped me a lot as I felt so much more confident applying for jobs and going into interviews. I have had two successful applications which have led to interviews but due to the current situation with coronavirus the applications are on hold. But I feel a lot happier having spoken to professionals about my current situation. I also feel a lot more confident that I will be successful."

"I would describe the Inspira service given as very professional, I especially liked the fact that everyone I spoke to were nice and easy-going which made me feel comfortable and helped me express how I felt more easily."


*Name has been changed.