Engineering and Manufacturing in Cumbria

Engineering allows individuals to make a real impact on the world, from creating clean energy to making paper from waste products. Engineering and manufacturing are one of the country's broadest sectors and currently employ approximately 5.7 million people and produce most of the UK’s exports. In Cumbria, the engineering sector has seen steady growth and makes up around 13% of Cumbria’s economy, supporting around 16,000 jobs. We spoke to engineering companies in South Lakes and Furness: Siemens, James Cropper plc, BAE Systems, Oxley Developments, and Barron Engineering.

Not only does the sector currently employ millions, but the demand is increasing day by day. Over the next decade, it’s predicted engineering skills and qualifications will become even more sort after. There are many different routes into the industry like apprenticeships, work placements or internships. A combination of academic study and industry experience is usually needed - though this depends on what kind of engineer you want to be and varies from company to company.

We spoke to employers from across South Lakes and Furness to discover the different career opportunities that are out there and the skills required to work there. Hear engineering employers answer frequently asked questions:

  • What types of engineering roles are available in your company?
  • What are you looking for in an employee?
  • What kind of training do you provide to prepare applicants for the job roles?
  • What’s the value of staying in Cumbria rather than moving to other areas?

"Whilst it is easy to assume that engineering jobs are traditionally within large industrial areas, this is no longer the case, Wind farms, solar PV installations and installations that interact with the seas around us have seen major industries moving away from centralised and large facilities.

Rural pay is also rising and is often more competitive than inner-city roles, highly skilled people are in demand, and the lower the local population, potentially the more opportunity for a robust salary.

James Cropper is nestled within the heart of the Lake District and is one of many companies that work within and with the environment offering excellent opportunities for engineers, designers, technicians and operators all local to the town."

- Mark Exton, Engineering Manager, James Cropper plc.

South Lakes and Furness is the perfect place to start and progress in your engineering career. Get in touch with an Inspira Adviser who can help you explore your options today!


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