Faced with redundancy, communications expert Meera turns to Inspira for help

Faced with redundancy, communications expert Meera turns to Inspira for help

Following her redundancy, Meera came to Inspira through the National Careers Service and JobCentre Plus. Meera needed support from the Government redundancy service and advice on the content of her CV.

Meera's background included working with TAS Partnership for seven years as a passenger transport consultancy, as a Senior Consultant, specialising in profile-raising, communications and stakeholder engagement. Prior to that, Meera had been a journalist for B2B magazines and had been involved in campaigning and lobbying, and a champion of positive mental health via honest and stigma-breaking communications.

As a high achiever, Meera was eager to enter an environment/role which avoided unnecessary stress and pressure, enabling her to create a work/life balance which looked after her own mental health doing the things she loves, such as arts & crafts and exploring the countryside.

Meera told Inspira's adviser Pam Gell, that her initial goal was to secure part time employment where she can make a difference, raising the profile of organisations, causes and work streams which she believes in.

Pam immediately accessed the redundancy service, and consulted the local labour market information to begin Meera's return to work journey. Together they explored the Skills Health Check which enabled Meera to broaden her job search.

"Not having heard of the National Careers Service before," said Meera, "I have found the experience very positive – very helpful and the adviser was very attentive and proactive, good at stimulating and consolidating my thoughts and plans on next steps."

Pam and Meera collaboratively completed an action plan and from this Meera felt that she was able to be proactive using the specific and timely set actions.

Meera said, "Pam has help crystallise my thoughts on further learning, and the service has contributed to a clearer steer on my direction and options.”

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