Get involved in volunteering, you'll be amazed at the benefits

The benefits of Volunteering

Every year, Volunteers' Week, takes place from the 1-7th of June. Many of us volunteer for a variety of reasons, whether as an individual, as part of corporate social responsibility or as a group.

We can volunteer at home or abroad and for a variety of different topics from conservation, to raising awareness about mental health and volunteering in schools as mentors to inspire young people.

We do it because we have a passion for a cause, have been affected by something ourselves or want to give back to society or our local community.

The National Council for Voluntary Organisations says that in 2018/19, 19.4 million (36%) people in the UK volunteered formally at least once a year and 11.9 million (22%) of people did so at least once a month.

Volunteering positively affects wellbeing

As well as helping others and causes, volunteering is important as it has been shown to improve volunteers' wellbeing too. Research suggests that volunteering can reduce the effects of stress, decrease the risk of depression while at the same time enabling you to enjoy a sense of purpose and fulfilment—and increasing your self-confidence while you’re at it!

Volunteering helps you gain new skills

Along the way, you could also pick up some new skills such as teamwork, communication, problem-solving, project planning, task management, and organisation, all of which are great for your CV!

As the impacts of the pandemic reverberate throughout the economy, volunteering experience can help elevate your CV in the eyes of an employer as it shows you care about issues and causes within and around your community.

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