Help for lone parents looking to return to work

Being a lone parent can be a struggle

Perfecting parenthood is one of the hardest jobs anyone can prepare for, and the pressures of looking for and obtaining a job on top of this can almost feel impossible. However, at Inspira, we make the impossible feel not only achievable but obtainable.

It can be hard for all lone parents to find the confidence and self-belief to get back into the workplace, but at Inspira, we believe ‘The secret of getting ahead is getting started.’ Take this time to gain, grow and grasp new skills; showing a willingness to new endeavours, shows a willingness employers seek when they are looking for their perfect candidate.

In an ideal world, parenting is a two-person job and feeling the pressure of being on your own can become overwhelming. Bringing yourself back into a social environment can benefit you not only careers wise but all aspects of your life. As part of our courses, the group work sessions make you aware of others who are in the same position as you, a reassuring thought for those of you who feel alone. You can learn, not only from the advice our career guidance advisers give you but from each other- those in the same boat as you.

Take your first step to being a parent returner

Talking to a professional career guidance adviser is a fantastic way to help you understand your strengths, build up your confidence, and direct your focus towards building a better C.V, a better life and a better you.

If you or someone you know is a lone parent and looking to get started on a job search, why not explore your options. To make an appointment for careers guidance contact Inspira by phone, social media or through the website.

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