Helping Employers support their at risk of redundancy employers

Being at risk of redundancy can often be a difficult subject to discuss. People can feel devalued, sometimes embarrassed and in some cases feel isolated and experience a loss of self–esteem. An individual's mental health can be adversely affected, which can make it difficult for them to focus on finding a new role or career path.

Help though is on-hand. Employers can provide employees facing redundancy with access to career advisory services who can also access funding for training opportunities that may support future employment options.

Inspira works with Employers to offer at risk of redundancy support, while advisers are also available for individual consultations for people who are over 50+ and at risk, or those who are unemployed.

Working with company HR managers, Inspira provides employees who are at risk of employment with advice and guidance regarding the next steps they can take to deal with the unsettling situation and to find a positive outcome should redundancy occur.

Activities can range from goal setting, and understanding aspirations and expectations, to Labour Market Information, job search methods and adapting CVs.

Through her former employer Maureen* was given support during the risk of redundancy phase, she then reached out to an adviser for individual support. Here is her story:

Having been made aware of help post redundancy, Maureen then needed help to generate new ideas about what she could do with her skill set. Working with local adviser Jane Wann, Jane helped Maureen to understand how she could explore her skill set which would enable her to highlight transferable skills to employers in different sectors.

Helen commented, “The best thing was being able to contact Jane by email, she responded quickly and gave me relevant useful information which I couldn’t have access to otherwise.”

Now working with vulnerable adults as a recovery co-ordinator, Maureen summed up her experience, "Jane challenged me on my decision-making processes and rationale behind them which increased my motivation to try doing new things.”

Having accessed the information, advice and guidance through Inspira, Maureen now believes her career prospects have improved, not only with a new job in a new sector but also in terms of her attitude about herself as she now recognises her core skills and qualities.

If you are an employer who must make some difficult redundancy decisions, please get in touch with Inspira.

*This name has been changed to protect the person's identity.