How Inspira's Launchpad Programme Helped a Teenager Build Their Career

When it comes to building a successful career, sometimes all it takes is a little bit of guidance and support. That's exactly what one anonymous young teenager received through Inspira's Launchpad Programme.

Launchpad is a career development service designed to help young people aged 16-24 who are Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET) achieve their professional goals. This includes a range of personalised support, tailored development opportunities, experiences and encounters with employers to help them progress into mainstream labour market opportunities, education or apprenticeships.

The teenager came to Inspira as they were struggling with a lack of motivation and some anxiety post-pandemic; they simply didn't know how to start to find an opportunity for their dream job in the retail sector.


With the help of Stevie, their personal advisor at Inspira, this teenager was able to take important steps towards building a bright future. One of the first things they did was to work on their CV, refining it to highlight their skills and experiences in a way that would be attractive to potential employers.

From there, the teenager was able to find a voluntary opportunity that not only helped them gain valuable work experience, but also gave them the confidence and structure they needed to feel more positive about their future. With regular job searches and support from their advisor, they were able to build on this experience to eventually find a permanent, full-time position with a local retail employer.

For this teenager, the Launchpad Programme was a turning point in their life. It gave them the tools and resources they needed to take control of their career and helped them to believe in their own abilities and potential.

Stevie said "I love assisting young people with their career plans, its not a one size fits all. Instead, you must dig deeper and find out what motivates an individual and then put a strategy together and set goals that are achievable. I’m so happy to see young people work on themselves and put smiles back on their faces.”

Whether you're a young person just starting out on your career journey or someone who's been struggling to find the right path, Inspira's Launchpad Programme can be a valuable resource that can help you take that next step towards success.

So, if you're ready to take control of your future, consider reaching out to Inspira to learn more about the Launchpad Programme.

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