Inspira helped Dwayne move away from temporary jobs to pursue a career in Teaching

During the pandemic, a lot of people lost their jobs; Dwayne was one of them. He had a varied but consistent working history and felt he had no long-term plans in place, so had been taking jobs as and when they came up. After calling Inspira, Dwayne was referred to one of our friendly advisers who specialise in adult career advice and guidance.

Upon completing the initial 1:1 Dwayne was able to reflect on his current situation and think about what he would like his future to look like. After a discussion with his adviser, he decided he would like to move away from getting temporary jobs and instead wanted to do a course and work towards a career.

Working together, they were able to analyse the jobs he had previously undertaken and the skills he had gained; finding he wanted to pursue a career as a Teaching Assistant. His adviser recommended he take a look at the National Careers Service Explore Careers page, to research relevant job profiles and find helpful info to help him on his way to securing his dream job.

What information can I discover there?

  • Average salary
  • Typical hours
  • Expected work schedule
  • Different ways into the role
  • What skills the role requires
  • Day to day tasks of the role
  • Progression and similar opportunities
  • Current opportunities near you
  • Related careers

Finally, Dwayne needed to understand what his next steps should be to be able to reach his goals. Realising he didn’t have the necessary maths qualifications needed to begin his teacher assistant training, he and his adviser explored online Level 2 Maths courses to find one which suited him and his learning style. Inspira's Adviser was also able to recommend a free online course for a Special Educational Needs Teaching qualification. Check out our blog on The Importance of Maths and English.

Dwayne enrolled on both courses and is currently well on his way to achieving his goals!

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