Inspiring the Next Generation with Career Fairs

Inspira collaborates with employers throughout Cumbria and Lancashire, who are vital to help link education and employment. Career Fairs are a chance for employers to highlight their sector and showcase the wide variety of jobs available within companies that aren't always obvious to students. It also gives employers and local businesses to chance to inspire the next generation and workforce. Helping to spark interest within students to kickstart their career and get informed about all the possibilities they have available to them.

We visited James Rennie School in Carlisle to speak with employers on the benefits they see for their businesses and community by attending Career Fairs.

Asking questions like:

· How do Career Fairs benefit you as an employer?

· What are the different types of roles available at your company?

· What skills do you looking for in an employee?

· Where do you see the future jobs in your sector going?

· Why would you recommend other employers to work with Inspira?

Check out the video to see what the employers had to say. For more information on how to get involved, check out our blog on Inspiring the Next Generation and Support for Employers.

If you're a business/ employer wanting to get involved, register your interest below and an Inspira Adviser can help you explore your options today.

Special Thanks to:

James Rennie School


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