Interview Dos & Don'ts

It’s easy to get flustered in an interview, so Inspira’s advisers have complied a list of dos and don’ts for interviews. To help you showcase yourself to a potential employer.

The Do's

Use your hands.

Keeping your palms facing up is a sign of openness and honesty, so keep them in your lap. Try not to clench your fists or wave your hands around to make a point, it will make you seem nervous and unpredictable. And please don’t bite your nails. You’ll look nervous and it’s really distracting!


You can quickly get on good terms with your interviewer by matching their positive body language.


Smile and nod where appropriate. You want to show you have a personality and you’re paying attention to what’s being said.

Maintain eye contact.

Eye contact should be moderated. Too little eye contact gives the appearance of nervousness or a lack of interest, while too much is aggressive. Pretend you are having a comfortable conversation with a friend during the interview to guide your eye contact.

The Don'ts

Touch your face.

People who play with their hair or excessively touch or rub their noses can seem dishonest and untrustworthy. Also, try to avoid rubbing your head or neck, it can give the impression of being bored or disinterested.

Move about.

This includes tapping your fingertips in the armrest or jiggling your leg up or down. It’s a sign of boredom and impatience. Keep both feet planted firmly on the floor to avoid temptation. It’ll help to keep your posture straight and focus on your interviewer, which in turn will make you seem more focused.


Sitting hunched forward or lounging with arms and legs everywhere has the effect of looking a little too relaxed.

To find out more about preparing and attending interviews check out our blog on Interview questions and how to answer them. You can also get in touch with an Inspira Careers adviser for free 1:1 expert career advice below!

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