Jays mum praises careers support for her son

Jay was referred to Inspira by Lakes College. He was finding it hard to cope with College life, and through discussion with College tutors, we decided as a family, that due to his current mental health, it was better to remove him from college. We knew that it would be better for Jay to be in some form of education or training and we were keen that Inspira was involved.

He was supported to complete a CV, helped with job searches to identify local opportunities and encouraged to submit applications. Inspira helped his self-esteem through regular contact, which helped him to feel included and valued. There were regular phone calls and e-mails as well as face to face meetings to check on progress.

“As a parent, I can see that Jay has grown in confidence, he has found the support encouraging, and he has someone to whom he can speak to with any concerns,” says Angela Coulter, Jay’s mother. “The support is still on-going, and he is starting to get responses to his applications. I would say that the service provided is excellent with members of staff going above and beyond to help young adults find the right career and putting them on the right path. Jay now feels more motivated and confident and is eager to find work, preferably outdoors.”

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