More Than Just A Mum

‘Just a Mum’ realises that she has lots of skills to offer...

Ria needed to get back into work, but she lacked confidence and thought she was 'just a mum'.

Having heard about the careers advice offered through Inspira, Ria met one of the advisers.

As the pair chatted, Ria realised though she felt like she was 'just a mum' in fact she had developed lots of skills as a mum such as time management, carer skills and safeguarding.

The discussion enabled Ria to start to see the role she did as an important one, so she was more open to explore her skills and abilities. Ria wanted a job that fitted around childcare, so they explored the local area, and Ria decided that she would like her CV targeted towards Cleaning and Customer service roles. Using the job profiles and also discussion about transferable skills, they then created a CV. At the same time, they also looked at training options, and the support Ria would need to develop her IT skills.

Ria felt that due to her careers advice appointments, she was confident enough to apply for work and had an interview where she was successful. She was waiting for her DBS and will be starting as a part-time Care Assistant with a local company.

Ria said, "After our interview, I felt valued and felt I had skills so just went for it, thank you to the National Career Service."

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